With everyone integrating digital technologies wherever possible, structured as well as unstructured data is getting generated at a rapid pace. The organizations can also store large amounts of critical data at very low cost because of evolving technologies. Now, this data has to be analyzed to get the desired results. This is where individuals use data science to find trends, analyze, manage and process data and generate insights that can be used by an organization.

So, what is Data Science?

Data Science is a field of study that puts together programming skills and knowledge in mathematics and statistics for extracting insights from the structured as well as unstructured data. It involves recording and storing the data and then maintaining and analyzing it effectively.Data science is one of the most important fields in any organization. Due to the adoption of digital technologies involving AI, machine learning and big data, datascience is in high demand as a career choice. Data scientists use their skills in technology and social science to analyze data and make actionable plans for companies by using industry knowledge and contextual understanding.

But with technology evolving rapidly, the successful data scientists know that just analyzing data and programming skills are not enough; they have to master the data science life cycle for maximizing the returns for their organization.

Data Scientist

Data scientists have immense technical skills and can make complex algorithms to analyze and organize data that is used for answering questions and driving strategies in the organizations. They should be result-oriented and curious along with having industry knowledge and communication skills so that they can explain technical results to the non-technical counterparts. They should also have a strong background in linear Algebra and statistics in addition to programming knowledge for building and analyzing algorithms.

Reasons to Become a Data Scientist

Companies collect lots of data easily from customers but after collecting, they are unable to manage and analyze the information. Data scientists can help companies grow quickly by analyzing and categorizing the data. Data scientists are not only needed by big tech companies but also by small industries as more and more data is easily accessible.

In the digital industry, data scientists are in huge demand as companies want a professional to understand the data they collect from their customers. With the help of data scientists, they can check how effective a marketing campaign is, tap into new markets, reduce costs and also, launch a product based on the analysis of data. Data science will only become more and more popular as our world adopts newer technologies and integrate AI and Machine Learning.

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