The digital technologies such as AI, machine learning and robotics are growing and changing so rapidly that many workers worldwide are finding themselves either under-qualified or under-skilled. McKinsey Global Institute report says that by 2030, 375 million jobs would be displaced by automation. According to their study, about half of the activities done by workers in certain categories could be automated. This is something that is worrying majority of the workforce across the globe. If you want to meet the demands of jobs requirements by companies, you need to reskill yourself.
Reskilling means learning new skills entirely, which may not be relevant to the skills you have currently. For example, if a graphic designer left the job and went to learn hairdressing and make-up, it would be called reskilling. This is because he is learning something entirely irrelevant to his job. Reskilling teaches a person new skills so that he can adapt to the changing needs of the job market. When an individual gets an opportunity to reskill, he can easily change the career path. With the technology evolving faster, reskilling can help a person progress faster in the sectors that are expanding. Because of automation, the number of people, who require a “reskill”, will only increase as time passes.

Online Courses

The best way to reskill yourself is through online courses. Thanks to internet technology, you can take any online course from the comfort of your home and office. There are various online courses, which can help you to gain knowledge of the latest technologies available. According to a study, the online platforms that impart skills and knowledge are seeing 35 percent growth in terms of enrolments. The industry experts suggest that the job roles require the workforce to upgrade the skills constantly due to evolving technologies such as Big data, AI, robotics and machine learning.
Learning from big universities is now possible on your smartphones at reasonable prices. Due to this, there is a great demand for online courses across the globe. Some of the courses that are in great demand on online platforms include data science, AI, blockchain, digital marketing, etc. Learning new courses online is very simple and anyone can learn and reskill themselves by watching videos and attending live lectures. Initially, online education providers introduced only short-term courses, ranging from four to six weeks. But after seeing the demand, they started offering one-year and two-year degree courses.
These days, online learning platforms are also tying up with corporate companies. These companies want to own flexible modules for their employees. They want their employees to upskill or reskill so that the employees can fit into a new position if the older one becomes redundant. Online reskilling programs are very beneficial to the people as they can save time and energy of an individual by not attending the classes physically. The online training program equips the employees with advanced skills so that even if there is job displacement due to automation, they can adjust to a newly created role.