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Personal Education & Career Coach

AI, Automation and robotics will change your life and it will divide people into The Winners and Losers. Globally 375 million people need to find a new job by 2030. In many countries, the percentage can be high as 50 % of all workforce. This can also result in the creation of 20 million to 50 million new high-paid jobs globally.

Find out how this affects your life and let CoreSeer recommend education, training or the dream job for you. CoreSeer provides high-class personality analysis to get you moving on in the right direction on the path of life long learning.

We are located in Finland, which is known to have the world’s best educational system and the knowledge to sprint your way to the winner’s side. 

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If you need any help find a suitable COURSE, TRAINING or JOB, just contact us and we’ll make sure to connect you to the right path. ...Contact us:[email protected]Platform 6 Start-up talo Åkerlundinkatu 833100 TAMPERE+ 358 207 343 020#education #learning #school #love #motivation #students #study #student #college #science #knowledge #kids #learn #university #business #success #community #teaching #inspiration #instagood #teachers #instagram ... See MoreSee Less
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Learn the tools and strategies you’ll need to make informed, equipped and empowered decisions during your job search. Let us help you land the right next job for you!The ideal future of CoreSeer is one in which the users are growing both personally and professionally.READ MORE AT @coreseer.com Link in bio!..Contact us:⁣⁣⁣⁣📧[email protected]📞+ 358 207 343 020#artificialintelligence #ai #machinelearning #technology #datascience #deeplearning #python #programming #robotics #coding #tech #bigdata #iot #innovation #computerscience #data #robot #dataanalytics #datascientist #blockchain #future #business #ml #robots #hacking #engineering #programmer #automation #neuralnetworks #bhfyp ... See MoreSee Less
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Getting Skills Right

At CoreSeer, we aim to future-proof our users’ skill sets, preparing them for the real world through an AI-driven professional development platform. It is an intelligent education and career coaching service.

We are working hard to help people learn the skills that they need to make themselves future-proof and more marketable and change their lives for the better.

We know that there are skills that will remain in-demand and marketable, and we want to afford people easier access to those skills, empowering them to learn what they need to learn in a way that is encouraging, fun, efficient, and effective.

The ideal future of CoreSeer is one in which the users are growing both personally and professionally.

Intelligent education and career coaching service

At the heart of the CoreSeer platform is the recommendation engine, which guides people toward the occupations, skills, jobs, online-courses, lessons, and other opportunities that suit them best.

We are drawing upon information about people’s needs, where they see their education or career path headed, and what will serve their futures best – accounting for all of these variables as we match people to the content that is available through CoreSeer.

This means that, unlike other platforms that force users to make decisions about their education or career choices, we are offering a form of automated mentoring for our users, encouraging them to follow one path or another based on the results that they want to see.


Personality analysis

High-class personality analyses to reveal your unique greatness, when CoreSeer helps you to make the right decision of destination.

Course and training recommendation

Recommends courses of the best educational institutions from all around the world when moving forward on the path of lifelong learning.

Job recommendation

The dream job recommendation tailored to you. Get competitive advance by being the first to know when the dream job opportunity comes your way.

Employee match for business

Identify and match candidates and realize the potential to achieve business results.  Match the best employee for your new project. Make the best possible rational data-based decision.

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