The world around us is changing so quickly that if we don’t learn, grow and develop, we will be left behind. It is very important to continuously update the skills so that we have an upper hand when it is time for transition. The new digital technologies and the growing speed of changes in them influence the need to improve the skill set and competencies of everyone. Even lifelong learning is a vital part of work and this includes knowledge, behaviours, attitudes and skills that an individual acquires from their daily activities and experiences. Lifelong learning is to continuously build skills and knowledge throughout life. It improves personal development as well as the employ ability and competitiveness of an individual.

With changes in the nature of work because of technological advancement, lifelong learning is the need of the hour for the population. The new workforce should have diverse skills to innovate and succeed in this continually changing time. But this gives them a unique challenge. The individual should be able to apply problem-solving techniques, communicate well and use critical thinking skills to use new technologies and drive innovation. With the transformations like ever-changing nature of jobs and change in skills required to compete in future, it becomes important for everyone to be lifelong learners.

People should have skills to understand and interpret different information at various levels. When AI and automation take over, the nature of jobs will change automatically. So it is essential to keep learning and get equipped with new skills.When learning is permanent, it benefits everyone, including communities, companies and individuals. Lifelong learning makes people more innovative as while they learn they discover new ideas and abilities. As automation will increase in the companies, the demand for technological skills will also increase. Lifelong learners will keep learning new skills and also keep getting trained for new challenges. So, these people can better cope up with the changes in the workplace that will occur due to automation, AI and robotics.

You need to do everything you can to prepare for the future employment market.The focus should be on learning the basics and becoming adaptable to the changes in the nature of work. Although busy, you must take out time to learn new skills that will fit with the ever-changing economy and prepare yourselves for the future of work. Your future will depend on what you learn today. So, choose the expertise carefully and build your knowledge in the area that would be in demand.

Emerging technologies like AI, automation and robotics will change how every job is done in future. When companies adapt to these technologies, there will be a demand for a skilled workforce so that they can grow in the years to come. So, every individual has to keep learning throughout their lives. Everyone can enhance and develop capabilities and skills by learning continually. Learning not only sharpens the interpersonal skills but also increases career opportunities in future.