With the job market getting disrupted due to automation and AI, it is necessary to combine skills and move up the career ladder. The job market might be booming right now but this can quickly change in the coming years. The expansion of digital technologies is rapid and this has transformed the character of jobs needed to sustain in a competitive environment. The acceleration of automation is eliminating the jobs that are performed by humans. The jobs that remain in future will be the combination of separate positions. So, if you have to retain the jobs or get new opportunities, you need to learn new skills.

Burning Glass Technologies prepared a report, which argues that hybrid jobs are the future. Companies are paying around 20%-40% more for hybrid roles compared to traditional counterparts. Hybrid roles are also growing at double the rate of overall jobs. For a matter of fact, learning a single skill can increase your salary by around 40%.

But what are Hybrid jobs? How building hybrid skill sets will help you in a rapidly evolving job market?

Hybrid jobs are specialized roles that demand multiple skills sets in unrelated fields. These skills are in multiple disciplines and are often a combination of non-technical and technical skills. According to The Hybrid Job Economy report from the Burning Glass, some of the hybrid jobs are new but some jobs already exist and are merged to form new roles. But depending on the organization and jobs, the hybrid roles may vary. For instance, a company will not look for administrative staff, who can only take calls, maintain schedules and help visitors. Rather, companies need staffs, which have a hybrid skill set, which includes updating company websites, social media, making spreadsheets and designing presentations.

Many organizations are looking for a hybrid skill set, which is the combination of completely opposite skills. Automation will have a greater effect on the job market. As a result, job seekers will have to learn different skills to reduce their chances of getting unemployed. The companies are ready to pay a higher salary to those with multiple skill sets. It has become important to be successful in the digital world.

No one has to go to school or university again to take advantage of the future jobmarket. To learn new skills, so that you remain competitive in the market, you can take online certificate programs. There are so many websites providing theseprograms either for free or nominal price. You can also take online courses to addto your skill sets and enhance your resume to show the employers that you have hybrid skills and are ready to adopt to newer technologies.