My name’s Nathan I’m 31, and I learned web design and blockchain development on Udemy. The way I discovered Udemy was actually through a friend. I have some friends who dabble or are quasi-professional in programming. And I asked for their advice as someone with no programming background on what I should do, and they said oh whydon’t you just go get a udemy coursewhen i first got a udemy course uhi was just starting out in my web designjourneyand the process to become a softwareengineerand i really didn’t know a lot about csshtmlweb design i know for a fact that theudemy courses i tookplayed a major role in teaching me whati needed to knowfor a lot of the projects that i builtand when i was interviewingthose projects played a key part of megettingmy new job a decade ago if you told methat i would be where i am right now iwould have laughedand udemy has absolutely played a rolein that journey