CoreSeer connects job seekers and companies

The digitalization megatrend inevitably affects our world, increasing the demand for experts in technology for various industries. At the same time, it is predicted that the automatization of operations in the industry sector will lead to the unemployment of many people. CoreSeer steps into the development of innovative solutions to decrease the adverse effects of such trends.

We educate job seekers on competencies required to fill in skills shortages in companies

We upskill employees to meet rapidly changing demands in work tasks within companies

We provide job seekers with a personalized study path to retrain and get employed in the technology sector

We simplify the matching process between job seekers and companies by identifying the actual needs of both parties

CoreSeer primary focus is on the technology sector

According to “Competence Pulse” research on the needs of experts, due to the digitalization megatrend, Finland will need approximately 130,000 experts for various software development tasks. The study focused on companies’ perspectives and collected vast HR data to analyze it with artificial intelligence. Coreseer focuses on creating training programs for the ICT sector to fulfill such a huge demand for experts in the Finnish job market. Recently, we designed programs for the Digital Marketing sector as well.

What CoreSeer does?

CoreSeer is involved in solving major societal problems:

Large-scale unemployment and labor shortages of technology experts in companies

The need for large-scale retirement for labor migration in our country also in the field of technology

CoreSeer sees its target customers divided into two main groups: job seekers and companies. Our services are designed to help job seekers, regardless of their work history. We take in both qualified technology professionals as well as people from other fields of expertise, who are interested in retraining to become the expert in technology sector. In addition, CoreSeer provides its services to companies in various industries that need a skillful workforce to meet the requirements of the digitalization megatrend.

CoreSeer helps companies to meet their future employees. Specifically, this is done by organizing various programs such as RekryKoulutus, as well as training employees within companies  through TäsmäKoulutus. We find compatible companies and job seekers with the help of algorithms implemented specifically for such social matching tasks.

CoreSeer uses the European Skills, Competences, Qualifications, and Occupations (ESCO) classification, European job postings, and various algorithms to stay up-to-date on the job market and demands in new skills.

CoreSeer operates in Finland together with TE-Palvelut and ELY-keskus. In addition, we are part of the European Skills Alliance network.

How does CoreSeer work?

CoreSeer operates with the so-called “platform of platforms” model. We have our own platform and have licensed several different e-learning platforms to ensure that diverse course offerings are available to job seekers. Including licensed services, the entire CoreSeer platform has a total of approximately 12,000 various courses.

The content of the courses found on the CoreSeer platform is enriched with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms that extract the knowledge and skills mentioned in the descriptions of various courses and job advertisements.

The collected knowledge and skills are based on the database on skills, competencies, qualifications, and occupations provided by ESCO, as well as the American Onet database. However, these databases are deficient in the skills essential for software development and therefore have to be supplemented.

CoreSeer uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to identify knowledge and skills about selected content. Examples of these are HeadAI’s algorithm with its own ontology and IBM Watson’s NLU, backed up by Wikipedia. In addition to the above, CoreSeer uses a variety of services provided by Google. CoreSeer has also implemented algorithms for its own use, one of which retrieves the knowledge and skills in the service’s own system.

The gathered knowledge and skills are used to make personalized recommendations to job seekers. Course descriptions, job advertisements, or other content are searched for the knowledge and skills mentioned or inferred from the context. Several different algorithms then recommend different content to job seekers. CoreSeer supports dozens of simple and more common machine learning algorithms needed to introduce content. These algorithms contribute to making personalized recommendations, for example:

Recommending a specific course for a job seeker who wants to learn to be a better problem solver

Recommending a software developer vacancy to a person with problem-solving skills

Presentation of available jobs for a job seeker interested in studying to become a Java Fullstack developer

Suggesting a book on the Java programming language to someone interested in programming